Cómo crear un globo aerostático de papel 3D

El patio virtual de Singing Winds #SingingWindsSummerFun

¿Puedes hacer un globo aerostático con papel?

En este video, Karen te mostrará cómo.

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The Singing Winds virtual playground #SingingWindsSummerFun

Can you make a hot air balloon out of paper?

In this video, Karen will show you how.

Show us what you create by posting a photo to #SingingWindsSummerFun on Facebook or Instagram

Fireworks in a Glass!

How do you use the properties of oil and water to create “fireworks” in a glass?

In this video, Faizah will show you how to do a simple science experiment with colorful results.

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The Singing Winds Virtual Playground

Click on “The Singing Winds Virtual Playground” in the menu above!

#SummerFun poster
     Each summer, The Singing Winds brings free arts & crafts, games, science projects, and storytelling programs to Albemarle Playground in Kensington, Brooklyn.
     This year, The Singing Winds Virtual Playground will be online!
On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from July 21 – August 20, the Singing Winds Summer Team will post new activities for children and families via email, facebook, instagram, and YouTube.
If you enjoy the activity, and create the project at home, you are invited to post your creation to the #SingingWindsSummerFun online gallery.

Thank you Partnership for Parks!

Check it out!  Singing Winds is featured in this Partnership for Parks video!

We want to express our gratitude to Partnership for Parks, for supporting Singing Winds’ activities and festivals in Albemarle Playground since 2013.

The resources you offer are invaluable for community groups with a vision for their local park.

On behalf of all the children and families who love Albemarle Playground, thank you! We pledge to care for this public space with dedication and joy!